Daphne Sigglebottom, Pilot, CA Ixtoc’s Revenge

Daphne Sigglebottom
Daphne Sigglebottom, pilot, CA Ixtoc’s Revenge

My name is Daphne Sigglebottom. Go on, snicker. Everyone does. I guarantee you won’t come up with a snark that’s unique. I’ve heard them all and despite the ubiquity, everyone thinks they’re the most clever person on Cinderfell at what they consider to be a brilliant zinger.

You might have guessed from my wardrobe that I’m a pilot. I don’t just wear this stuff to be ironic or trendy. At least, not any more… My airship is the best of her class. The CA Ixtoc’s Revenge has been in service for 17 years and she’s the only way off Cinderfell for many a resident.

Why are people leaving? Because greed and dirty steam power have finally caught up with Cinderfell. Business tycoons and thugs have plundered every natural resource the land had to offer and not even artificial means can help anymore. Pollution? Yeah, if that’s what you want to call turning our home into a desolate wasteland. But that seems a massive understatement. Kind of like saying it wasn’t so much a dirigible crash as it was an unanticipated layover in a corn field that lead to me taking over command of Ixtoc’s Revenge.

Yeah…I’ll help these cretins off Cinderfell despite their being questionable people, morally speaking. Coin is coin and I need to maintain Ixtoc’s Revenge, pay my crew, and feed my stupid cat. Darby is a know-it-all, but he did save my life after all. It’s a long story that makes me question all of my life choices, so perhaps I’ll save that for another day!

Well, I need to go do some preventive maintenance on Revenge. Until next time, this is Daphne Sigglebottom signing off.

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Author: Daphne

Daphne is the accidental pilot of the airship, the CA Ixtoc's Revenge, and reluctant owner of a cat named Darby.

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